Living through lockdown

How are you coping with coronavirus?

Here, we encourage customers to join the conversation and chat about the issues which matter to them most. The topic we’re all talking about at the moment is coronavirus.

We know that many of our customers are battling with the impact of coronavirus and government restrictions, but we hope that you are safe and feel supported by us and the wider community in which you live.

Don’t forget that we are here to help. If you require support during this difficult time or would like to chat, please get in touch on 0300 555 060 or visit

To get the conversation started, we want to know:

  • What are you getting up to during lockdown?

  • How are you maintaining your health and wellbeing? Share your tips and ideas.

  • What great stories can you share about your community? Have they rallied round?

  • What are you doing to support your friends and family?

Let us know in the comments below.

* If you have an outstanding repair or case of ASB, please let us know in the Live Chat, contact us at or call us on 0300 555 0600 so we can log it appropriately and resolve it quickly. This forum is not routinely monitored for repairs reports.

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  1. Please ensure PH Jones to include sheilding on their texts. This is similar but different from self isolation. Tenants who receive NHS / Government letter advising them to not have any face to face contact with anyone except carers or health care providers. We should not be contacted or in my case have them turn up on tenants doorstep to carry out a gas service check. If Onward Homes staff are allowed to work from home to protect their health & safety then tenants should be shown the same respect!

    1. Hi Andrew – good to hear from you, thank you for your comment. For the time being we have suspended our non-emergency repairs service. However, where possible we are continuing an emergency repairs service, making use of the very best safe-working practices. If you are self-isolating, please contact us on 0300 555 0600 and we will make appropriate arrangements to ensure we can keep you safe in your home while completing emergency repairs. More information about the services we are currently providing can be found at All the best, Emily

  2. Well the virus is under control as far as staying in mentally. But we are stressed with the Squirrel in the loft the constant scratching all hours of the day and nite is not helping our mental health. I am one of the one and half million with underlining illnesses and have to stay in for 12 weeks. I don’t know if the thing has bit the cables in the loft, but the bathroom light has started flickering when you turn it on. So my wife is worried about the chance of fire, yet I am fed up reporting this issue to onward

    1. Hi – thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties. As your landlord, we are responsible for maintaining and carrying out a number of repairs to your home. However, there are some things that you will be responsible for, as set out in your Tenancy Agreement. In the case of pests or infestations we recommend that customers contact their local council who will be able to deal with environmental health issues such as pest control. For more information about our repairs service, please visit our repairs page or download our Repairs Handbook at All the best, Emily

  3. Hello Emily

    As Bronwen Rapley said in her video message to Onward tenants we are living in unprecedented times. In such circumstances there’s a need, sometimes, to go beyond the practices which were considered appropriate under ‘normal’ conditions. As Bronwen also said in her message Onward would do everything it can to help tenants, especially those considered to be vulnerable during the present pandemic. ‘Anonymous’ is in that group and has an issue which is making him and his wife anxious. Yes, perhaps under normal circumstances pest control is the responsibility of the council – but we are not in normal circumstances. In such a situation shouldn’t Onward be looking for a way to solve a tenant’s problem rather than ‘kick the can down the street’?

    1. Hi Michael. Good to hear from you – thank you for your comment. At Onward, we are determined to help customers through the coronavirus crisis as best we can. For more information about what we’re doing, please take a look at our latest customer update published today at While we are taking the appropriate measures to deal with the pest control issues raised by ‘Anonymous’, the customer has chosen not to disclose their identity at this time. All the best – Emily

  4. I work at tesco”s so spending a lot of time at work as you can understand we are all working hard to keep the shelf’s filled our delivery’s or larger so we need to work longer hours keep safe everyone

    1. Hi Margaret. Thank you for your comment and most importantly, thank you for all you do! At Onward, we’re really grateful for all the key workers that are helping keep our communities safe and supplied with groceries. Stay safe. All the best – Emily

  5. I am off work as our office is non essential and we are not key workers. I am finding that I am constantly cleaning, I have read lots of books and I am keeping up to date with family and friends the majority of my family are key workers which makes me anxious for their safety. My son is working and I am missing my granddaughters terribly but I know it’s for the best and I am keeping in touch via facetime and telephone calls . I only go shopping maybe once a week. I exercise by walking down to our local park. I would normally go hill walking but that is on hold until we get back to some normality. I need to say I am so proud of the people on our estate who have adhered to the lockdown rules. I check I on my parents daily they are vulnerable and have to self isolate for 12 weeks. Myself and my siblings are doing their shopping they have their medication delivered. I am also shopping for one of the neighbours. I truly believe that we need to take this time to take stock of what is important not to be to materialistic but look out for each other. Hopefully we will come through this safe and well.
    Thanks Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy – thank you for your comment. Like you, many of our customers have been in touch to say they are worried mostly about the health of their friends and family. If you are concerned about supporting them, take a look at some of the information available at It’s great to hear that, despite your worries, you’re keeping occupied during these challenging times. If you would like more ideas about how you can keep busy, take a look at our blog post here At Onward, we’re very proud about how our customers have responded to the coronavirus crisis and come together to support each other. Stay safe. All the best – Emily

  6. Currently working as a key worker so keeping busy.
    I would like Onward homes to look into why good residents can’t buy their homes they’ve worked so hard to improve.
    All homes you let should be made be given the right to buy/acquire.
    After living in our property for over 20 years we’re still not given the option.
    Very sad when every other association has made this possible.

    1. Hi Peter – thank you for your comment and for all the work you’re doing to keep our communities safe! As your housing association, we take part in the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire schemes introduced by the Government. Eligibility for these schemes is determined by criteria set out by the Government. If you would like more information about this, please visit or get in touch with us at One of our colleagues will be happy to take a look at your case and discuss your options with you further. All the best – Emily

  7. Hello to all in the lockdown. To share conversation and keeping people’s spirit alive is a lovely thing to do. I myself is managing the best I can but at times I do get down. I try to keep busy by doing my gardening, house cleaning, and reading. Mostly chat to family by phone. I would like more ideas to keep me occupied. I am a carer for my mum which I have to be extra careful of my distance with other people and gloved up and face covered. I do miss going to my voluntary job which I love alot. Can anybody like to share there interests of things to do.

    1. Hi – thank you for your comment. It’s great to hear you’re keeping busy! We have prepared a number of resources which you might find useful to help keep yourself occupied, like online activities ( and tips on how to grow your own veg ( You could even get involved in helping us design the next edition of the Onward Newsletter here Also, there are a number of local charities which have requested help from volunteers during the coronavirus crisis. One such charity we support is Open Kitchen Mcr, which are looking for volunteers to help prepare and deliver food supplies. Take a look at their website here Don’t forget, if you would like to chat or feel like you need more support, please get in touch with us on 0300 555 0600. All the best – Emily

  8. We are in the Hyndburn area, we are kept busy entertaining the kids , coming up with new ways to get them motivated . We have a child with disabilities which makes you think outside the box to fill the gap they have lost going to school and seeing friends ! We as parents have made contact so they can send each other videos and pictures. It really helps them stay connected, the change and isolation has been a real struggle for some of the kids . We are also part of a charity, Jason’s Wheels Community Trust, we have been taking the minion mascots out on walks over Hyndburn , to cheer up the children . The reaction from the kids and their parents has been heartwarming to see . Stay safe everyone.

    1. Hi – thank you for your comment. It sounds like you’re doing a great job keeping the kids entertained and helping support Jason’s Wheel Community Trust! We have prepared a number of resources which might provide you with some ideas for homeschooling here We have also prepared a WW2 homeschooling activity for kids as part of our VE Day celebrations. Take a look at the activity here Stay safe. All the best – Emily

  9. I’ve looked for – but have been unable to find – information on the Onward site for those tenants who might need to be using food banks due to very uncertain economic situation they might find themselves in. Is Onward assisting tenants in such need? Also, has/is Onward supporting local food banks financially as many of the normal routes for donations are being closed due to the changes in the way people interact with others and the fact that supermarkets are no longer providing collecting points?

    1. Hi Michael – thanks for your comment. Onward is proud to support a number of charities and organisations which are providing help to individuals during the coronavirus crisis. Most recently, we have donated £25,000 to Open Kitchen Mcr – a social enterprise which is providing cooked meals and grocery hampers to vulnerable people. Find out more in our blog post here or visit the Open Kitchen Mcr website here All the best – Emily

  10. If tenants of Onward Homes need help and support in Wirral , wirral borough council have a online referral form so you can access food hampers to support others . As I support local third sector charities in Birkenhead I can also try and offer support . Please stay safe

    1. Hi Eve – thank you for your comment. It’s great to hear about the support available for customers in the Wirral. Stay safe! All the best – Emily

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