The Board of a housing association sets standards of leadership and control and helps define the values of the organisation. It is a group of senior and experienced people who scrutinise, and where necessary challenge, how the organisation is run. It provides robust oversight of measures to keep residents, other customers and colleagues safe, whilst exerting a firm grip of risks facing the organisation.

Our Board includes both non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and Executive Directors. NEDs offer external perspective and strategic insight without being directly involved in operational decisions. Executive Directors lead the Onward Executive Team and run the business on a day to day basis. Including both kinds of Director on the Board enables us to have the best quality conversations about how well the business is being run.

The Onward Board has five committees and all Board members are also a member of at least one of them. Committees give Board members the time and space to consider important items in more detail. Our Board committees cover:

  • Audit & Risk
  • Finance & Performance
  • Treasury
  • Development
  • Nominations and Remuneration

The views and needs of our residents and other customers are at the heart of our strategic decision-making. Our Customer Scrutiny Board and Customer Engagement Community feed directly into discussion at Board and Executive level. You can find out more here.

For more information on changes to our Board membership in the last year, take a look at our Annual Report via this link.

Declarations of Interest by members of our Board are available on request.

Our Code of Governance can be found here.

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