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Here on our Hot Topics page we encourage customers to join the Onward conversation, provide feedback, suggest ideas, and chat with other customers and Onward colleagues.

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About the newsletter

We launched The Onward Newsletter in February 2020. It is designed to update you on the issues that matter to you most and let you know about the great work we’re doing in your community.

Every three months customers should expect to receive a copy of the newsletter through their letterbox and have access to an digital version.

A newsletter designed with customers, for customers

We want to know what great ideas you have for the newsletter. To get the conversation started, tell us:

  • What issues matter to you most?

  • Do you have a great story you’d like to share in the newsletter?

  • What other newsletters do you like to read and think are good?

  • What did you like about the latest issue of The Onward Newsletter?

Let us know in the comments below.

* If you have an outstanding repair or case of ASB, please let us know in the Live Chat, contact us at or call us on 0300 555 0600 so we can log it appropriately and resolve it quickly. This forum is not routinely monitored for repairs reports.

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  1. Some points to consider;

    What’s the level of tenant involvement – not just in the set up by on an ongoing process?

    What is its aim
    to inform
    to stimulate debate
    to exchange ideas

    Who controls the content?

    Will there be an Editorial team/Editor?

    How often will it be published?

    How will it be distributed – determines how much in each issue
    through the post

    Who determines all the above?

    1. Hi Michael – thank you for your comment. The Onward Newsletter is published every three months. The next issue of the newsletter will be published this week and will arrive through customers letterboxes from Friday 5th June. The aim of the June issue is to inform customers about the changes to our services as a result of the coronavirus crisis. However, the newsletter also contains some stories from the community, a customer competition and other interesting articles.

      We have a small editorial team working on production and we have a group of engaged customers who help us in developing content and design. Although it is too late to take your comments on board for the June issue, we will consider your feedback in the production of the September issue. All the best, Emily

  2. onward are disgusting they take your money yet cant fulfill the repairs that are outstanding eight months and still waiting.

    1. Hi there – thank you for you comment and I’m sorry to hear about your outstanding repairs issues. During the coronavirus crisis we have operated a reduced repairs service in order to protect our colleagues and customers. This has meant that some non-urgent repairs have not been resolved. However, from June 1st we have been working hard to ensure that all repairs reported before March 16 2020 are dealt with as a priority. If you would like to check the status of your reported repair, please contact us on 0300 555 0600. All the best, Emily

  3. All of the local schemes you talk about are seemingly based in Liverpool or greater Manchester. There seems to be very little support for Lancashire Tenants. I’m 50 unemployed,have no support, I have mental health issues. Where are all the high faluting social schemes in Acrrington Or Blackburn? I’ll answer for you, Lancashire seems again to be getting the leftovers.

    1. Hi Ian – thank you for getting in touch. I’m pleased to let you know about our brilliant More Positive Together project which we deliver exclusively in East Lancashire. The project works to help customers who experience barriers to finding employment, education or training. These barriers can include mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression and debt, as well as a number of other issues.

      We deliver this service at our 1st Call centre located in the Arndale Centre in Accrington and we provide 1-2-1 sessions so we can really tailor our support to your needs. If you would like to find out more about the project, please search “1st call” on our website or get in touch with our brilliant MPT Project Support Officer Jillian Narayan at She will be happy to help! All the best, Emily

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