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So, it’s 9am. You have your pads and pencilat the ready. The kids are raring to go (well kinda) and you’ve not got a clue where to start… Don’t panic! We’ve put together some helpful homeschooling tips and tricks to help keep you on track. 

  1. Before you begin, check out the free online resources. Don’t get lost in the array of downloadable pdfs and lesson plans and tutorials. Keep it simple. Look at the core subject areas (English, Maths and Science) then assess what your childs key learning priority is and begin with that. 
  2. Follow your usual routine of getting dressed, teeth brushed and having breakfast so they’re in the right mindset and ready to learn.
  3. Get your learning space ready. Try to have one or two dedicated quiet areas away from the TV and background distractions.
  4. Establish a routine. Put together a rough learning plan to follow. Be realistic – a 7 hour back-to-back schedule isn’t going to work, however good your intention! Think small bite-sized chunks of one or two hours with breaks. 
  5. Reward progress, Its important to show them your appreciation for their hard work, so don’t forget to reward those milestones. 

Remember, whilst its important to learn, don’t forget to build in some exercise too. Check out Joe Wicks’s daily workout (Monday to Friday at 9am on YouTubeor build in some creative play with Ben Fogle’s wild adventures over on Instagram, daily at 4pm. 

Additional resources: 

  • BrainPop – offers animated movies on topics in maths, science and English 
  • Tynker – offers coding lesson for kids 
  • Creative Bug – offers craft lessons, from knitting to jewellery-making, drawing and origami 

For more information on home schooling please visit the government website. If you need support with anything regarding your tenancy give our Contact Centre a call on 0300 555 0600.

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