Antisocial Behaviour (ASB)

No matter where you live, the way your neighbours behave can make a big difference to how happy you are in your home. That’s why we take reports of antisocial behaviour (ASB) very seriously and will take the necessary steps to protect our customers.

Our anti-social behaviour toolkit has more information about the types of behaviour you can report to us and what happens next, or click below to find out more.

What is antisocial behaviour?

The types of incidents we consider to be antisocial behaviour include (but are not limited to):

  • Persistent and excessively loud noise
  • Assault or physical violence
  • Aggressive or threatening language or behaviour
  • Harassment
  • Domestic abuse
  • Racist or homophobic abuse or graffiti
  • Drug dealing
  • Hate crime – harassing someone because of their race, nationality, sexuality, gender, religion, disability or age

What isn’t considered to be anti-social behaviour?

  • Noise from children playing, or babies crying
  • General ‘living’ noise such as closing doors, going up and down stairs or people talking
  • Cooking smells or odours
  • Noise from vacuum cleaners, washing machines or DIY
  • Parking disputes

How do I report anti-social behaviour?

There are lots of different ways you can report anti-social behaviour to us. You can do this by:

We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to find out more or give you some advice.

You can also report crime and antisocial behaviour anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

If you’re really concerned or scared, please call the non-emergency police number 101. Or if you feel it’s an emergency, always call 999.


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