Onward staff member from environmental services team looking at a tree

Our Environmental Services team play a key role in ensuring that we’re making a positive difference in the communities we serve.

We’re responsible for maintaining, managing and improving the green spaces in our care.

In our neighbourhoods, we’re responsible for the following:

    • Grassed areas
    • Shrub beds and hedges
    • Hard surfaces
    • Invasive/ dangerous weeds
    • Wildflower sites
    • Trees
    • Estate wardens

We also undertake a range of duties on estates, schemes and properties to keep them looking good. These can include:

    • Investigating fly tipping
    • Communal cleaning
    • Clearing fire escapes and safety routes
    • Removing graffiti

Onward Environmental Services team also manage external contractors to deliver the following services:

    • Communal cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • Grounds maintenance

Contractors are checked and monitored routinely on a monthly basis for quality, productivity and safety. Each contractor attends a monthly meeting with Onward contract managers to discuss performance in these areas.

For further information, read our Environmental Services Handbook below.