Cleaning and window cleaning

We understand that a clean home is important to our customers, and we provide a variety of services for buildings with communal areas.    

We seek to maintain a high standard and quality of indoor cleaning and window cleaning in your communal areas. We constantly monitor the quality of the cleaning undertaken by our in-house team through frequent inspections and audits.

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Indoor communal cleaning

In buildings with communal areas, we clean and remove litter and junk mail from the following areas: 

  • Entrances and lobbies  
  • All communal spaces 
  • Stairways and lifts 
  • Bin stores 

In these communal areas we also clean: 

  • Walls, where possible without cleaning being detrimental to the paint surface 
  • Floors 
  • Woodwork, frames and hard surfaces 
  • Internal glass 
  • Exterior of light fittings to remove cobwebs, flies and debris  

All our communal properties are cleaned on a fortnightly basis unless specified and agreed within the contract. 

Exterior cleaning

Buildings with communal areas are externally cleaned each visit. This includes wiping down communal doors, frames and entrance panels, and external steps within 1.5m of the entrance door. 

Window cleaning

We clean any accessible external communal windows on the outside of the building on a regular basis, usually every twomonths or as stated within the property agreement. Please visit the Environmental Tracker to check when your next window clean is scheduled. 


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A quick and easy way to track the work carried out by Onward Environmental

Through our new Environmental Tracker, you can now search by your postcode to get the latest updates from Onward Environmental, including things like when we’ve visited, when we’ll next be in the area and photos after services are carried out. 

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