Trees make a considerable contribution to our neighbourhoods. They absorb pollution and CO2, help reduce noise levels, provide shade and shelter and offer habitat for a range of wildlife. So, it’s important that we look after trees and keep them in a safe condition. 

Our responsibility for tree management

As your landlord we are responsible for all management and maintenance of trees growing on our land.  

We will prune or remove trees that are: 

  • Dead, diseased or dying 
  • Dangerous (i.e. through storm damage) 
  • Causing damage, or likely to cause damage, to property 
  • Breaking Highway Regulations 
  • Identified as part of our maintenance programme 

We will not prune or remove trees that are: 

  • Blocking sunlight 
  • Interfering with TV/phone signal 
  • Obstructing views 
  • Interfering with private vegetation 

Our service promise

  • All tree work is completed by trained, NPTC qualified Arborists working to relevant industry guidelines and timescales. Routine maintenance is completed within 12-months of being identified, and urgent work is carried out as and when required. 
  • Tree surveys and condition reports are only undertaken by our qualified in-house Tree Officers. 
  • Tree stumps are ground out where possible. Where not possible, they are left to 500mm and treated with herbicide, so as not to create a trip hazard. 
  • Where stumps are ground out, we soil and re-seed as necessary. 
  • All debris from tree work is removed from site. 

Tree surveys

As part of our Tree Policy and Management Plan, all trees within our ownership are surveyed and risk assessed within a three-year timescale. All identified routine maintenance works are carried out in accordance with British Standard BS3998 within one year of being identified, urgent works are carried out as and when required.  

Tree safety

To help us keep you and our trees safe, we need your cooperation.  

  • Do get written consent before you plant any trees on land owned by us, including in your garden, open spaces, or shared areas. 
  • Do allow our Tree Officers, colleagues, consultants and contractors to access your home when necessary.  
  • Do not prune or remove or carry out any tree works to trees on land owned by us, including in your garden, open spaces or shared areas. 
  • Do not try to deal with any damaged trees yourself these should be reported immediately for us to action Many of our trees are protected and it is a criminal offence to prune or remove them without legal consent from the local authority.   
  • Do not attach washing lines, lights, brackets and other objects to trees, as this creates weak points and causes damage. 

Please contact us as soon as possible if you notice any tree related issues. We will respond within 24-48 hours to discuss your issue and, if the tree work criteria are met, we will arrange an inspection within 28 days. 


Tell us what you think

We are always looking to improve our services with the help of satisfaction surveys, customer feedback, inspections and learning from complaints. 


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