Opening a bank account

Most high street banks now offer a basic bank account that don’t charge a fee.

Opening a current account with your bank will help you to manage your money day to day, and help you keep track of your spending.

You can use your account to pay out your bills, and have your wages or Universal Credit paid in.

*Please note that Post Office bank accounts ceased as of September 2019.

How to open a bank account: 

If you are struggling to open a bank account due to lack of identification documents or if you would like further help or advice on opening a bank account, please contact us.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions are not for profit financial organisations, set up for a specific community known as a common bond.

This usually means that you need to live in a certain area to join a particular Credit Union.

Credit Unions offer savings accounts, helping you to save for emergencies or expenses such as Christmas.

They also offer loans that are likely to be cheaper than payday or doorstep lenders, and may be able to offer you a loan where your bank has refused.

You can locate your local credit union here

 Useful websites

Advice on Credit Unions