Looking after your health during these tough times is important. Look at the many ways you can access help.

You may be feeling anxious, stressed, worried, sad, or frustrated now. It’s important to remember that it is okay to feel this way.

Here are a few different charities and services available to help you. Remember, if you’re having money worries, please contact us and we can help explore your options. We can help you maximise your income, reduce expenses, access grants and get specialist support. Email us on moneyadviceteam@onward.co.uk.

Mental Health support

Visit the NHS Every Mind Matters page for some ideas to get you started.

For practical advice on how to look after your wellbeing take a look at Mind’s website www.mind.org.uk/

The NHS have a fantastic hub filled with advice and support around mental health. You can also take a look at our webpage on supporting children’s mental health.

Disability Cost of Living Payment

Individuals on disability benefits will receive a one-off £150 payment in September 2022 to help with extra costs, such as for specialist equipment or transport.

This is in addition to the £650 Cost of Living Payment for disabled people who also receive means tested benefits.

Check if you’re eligible for the Disability Cost of Living Payment.