Our tenancy support/ wellbeing team deliver a range of services to help our customers sustain their tenancies and obtain the support that they require.

We are able to receive referrals from colleagues internally with a customer’s consent. Customers can also contact us through the ‘my onward portal’ or on the phone via our contact centre.

We will then contact the customer directly and discuss signposting to the relevant services in order to assist in helping to sustain their tenancy.

The team can look at referral agencies in the area and see what resources are available in the area. We assist with referrals regarding drug & alcohol support, rehousing, family support, elderly support, mental health support, domestic violence support, general welfare, furniture souring and setting up a new tenancy.

The team also carry out some project work across the regions.

Our projects include:
• Mental health support initiatives
• Domestic violence support
• Help with making healthy eating choices
• Smoking cessation
• Womens’ health programmes

Get in touch with our Wellbeing Team to find out about our services in your neighbourhood.