Onward Scrutiny Board

We work collaboratively with our customers to improve our services and make our homes and neighbourhoods great places to live.

Part of this work is carried out by the Onward Scrutiny Board, a group of committed Onward customers who volunteer their time to review the performance of our services and identify where improvements can be made.

As part of the Scrutiny Board’s role members receive detailed reports about Onwards performance. The Scrutiny Board then meet quarterly to compare Onward’s performance against targets and review the feedback from customers gathered through surveys and complaints.

If any concerns are highlighted, the Scrutiny Board run a project to look at that particular area of the service in more detail.  They then make recommendations about improvements and formally present these suggestions to Onward’s Finance and Performance Committee (a sub-committee of the Onward Board).

In this way, the Committee and the Scrutiny Board hold Onward accountable for the performance of the services that our customers receive.

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Interested in joining the Onward Scrutiny Board?

Register your interest and find out more by contacting customerengagement@onward.co.uk .

We will be in touch to discuss what being a member involves and to let you know when places are available.