We recognise that each community requires different services and support, so we produce 55 unique plans which set out our service commitments to each of our neighbourhoods.

The plans consider customer feedback and outline our commitment to making improvements over the coming year. We identify clear goals for each neighbourhood, which cover topics such as:

  • improving the condition of existing properties
  • continuing to address antisocial behaviour (ASB)
  • increasing customer engagement
  • improving, managing and maintaining the environment
  • contributing to the wealth and economic activity of the neighbourhood

Every quarter we review our progress in delivering the plans and we produce a customer update.


We want more customers to help monitor our progress and ensure the plans align with customers’ priorities. To take part, complete the form below or contact us at customerengagement@onward.co.uk.

Take part in neighbourhood planning

Help produce our neighbourhood plans and review the progress we make in delivering our commitments.

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