We recognise the value of offering support and training to customers who join our Customer Engagement Community, and we are committed to developing and maintaining effective engagement with our members.

Providing training opportunities enables our customers to effectively hold us to account and empowers them to take part, lead and influence our decisions.

Our training and development opportunities will enable members to:

  • increase their confidence
  • develop knowledge and skills
  • improve IT skills
  • learn how housing associations operate
  • talk to tenants from other regions or from across the country and share experiences

As part of our training and support offer, we will:

  • deliver training to members of our Customer Engagement Community by Onward colleagues and partner organisations
  • advertise training opportunities to Customer Engagement Community members online, through the Your Voice newsletter, via social media and by email, phone or post
  • signpost customers to useful free training and information available online or within their local community
  • ensure that engaged customers have access to bespoke training and opportunities that enhance their skills via Onward Training Programmes
  • provide mentoring to volunteers who want to develop their skills to apply for places on our Regional Scrutiny Boards or engagement groups
  • give 1-2-1 support to volunteers to develop their confidence to take part in video and phone meetings
  • promote access to partner organisations that offer tenant membership, e.g. Tpas and HQN
  • reimburse expenses incurred by taking part in training and development opportunities
  • ensure training materials, methods and venues are accessible and consider the diversity of our customers
  • employ a variety of engagement methods including online, face to face, group and 1-2-1

OUR training offer

We are always looking for ways to improve our training and support for engaged customers and volunteers. If you have an idea or want to find out more, get in touch at customerengagement@onward.co.uk or call us on 0300 555 0600.