Why a water meter could be your financial lifejacket

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Feel like you’re drowning in water bills? Is your money drip-drip-dripping away? Our work experience shipmate Niamh explains why a water meter might work swimmingly for you.

It’s true that water meters aren’t for everyone, but they can be a real lifesaver for many homes.Water meter savings

If you don’t have a water meter, your bill works on estimated figures, charging you for the water you ‘probably’ use, not the water you actually use.

This means that if you live on your own, have a small family, or just generally use less water than most, you could save around £100 in your yearly water bill.

Of course, what you don’t want is to install a water meter and end up paying more, if you happen to use more water than the estimated amount.

But never fear, your water company wouldn’t install the meter if they felt this were the case. Also, United Utilities fit the meters free of charge and give you two years to go back to an unmetered bill if you change your mind or find you aren’t saving.

United Utilities even has a water usage calculator online where you can see if you would be better off making the change.

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