Guidance on communal areas and recycling

Safety advice for customers living in flats and apartments

During the festive season you are likely to have more recycling than usual. However if not disposed of correctly, this can cause an obstruction and pose a fire risk. Please read the below advice to help keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Keeping communal areas clear
Please do not leave any items in the communal areas of your block.
You should break down any packaging and take it directly to your bin area and use any recycling bins if provided.
If you see any large items being stored in the communal areas, this should be reported to Onward straight away – call 0800 555 0600

Local waste & recycling centres
Your local waste and recycling centre will be listed on your local authority website. Please keep all items you wish to dispose of in your flat until you are ready. Please do not block any exit routes to your front door.
If you have a bin chute in your block, please take care not to force any items into it which may get stuck. If you notice the bin chute is clogged, please call the contact centre on the above number.

Disposing of appliances?
When purchasing new appliances, don’t forget to plan how you will dispose of your old ones.
Many companies will take away old sofas and white goods as a part of delivery, or you could look into selling them or donating them to charity.
A quick Google search will show you which charities offer free collection of large items

Further Safety advice for all customers
You can find further information on fire safety on the Onward website here

This helpful leaflet (courtesy of the Fire Kills safety campaign) also provides lots of tips and guidance on staying safe this season. Please click here