How we approach fly tipping

We have developed the following set of principles which guide our approach in each neighbourhood: 

  • Responsive – we will develop a set of service standards for dealing with fly tipping, so you are clear about what to expect from us when you report an incident. 
  • Collaboration – we will be well connected and work in partnership with local authorities, contractors and communities to effectively manage our neighbourhoods. 
  • Communication – we will communicate clear and useful information to customers in relation to fly tipping and waste management. 
  • Proactive – where there are repeat or wide-ranging issues in a neighbourhood, we will put in place initiatives or long-term measures in partnership with local communities. 
  • Accountability – we will ensure that where there is sufficient evidence, individuals are held accountable for their actions through a proactive but fair approach to enforcement. 
  • Fit for purpose – we will ensure that waste management arrangements at our schemes and neighbourhoods are fit for purpose and help to prevent fly tipping. 
  • Learning – we will learn from best practice and make use of new technologies in waste management where possible.