We are here to help you gain skills, experience and employment

And yes we can still help you during the covid crisis!

The world may be currently on hold, but it certainly does not mean you have to be. The pandemic could be your perfect opportunity to gain skills and experience to help get you on the track to finding your dream job.

Whether you have recently just been made unemployed, furloughed, or simply just looking to enhance your skills, our dedicated specialists can help you onto your career path.

Get free help and support with:

  • Job searches and interview practise
  • CV writing and job applications
  • Work experience and volunteering opportunities
  • Career development
  • Training courses – there are plenty of online courses taking place which you can take part in from the comfort of your own sofa.

Our team will be happy to support you in the best way suited to you – we can give you a ring, arrange a video call you or support you over email.

If you, or a member of your household is an Onward customer and would like more information please get in touch on socialinvestment@onward.co.uk.