What happens when I report an issue?

Our teams will respond promptly to any reports of damp, mould or condensation and will work on providing a solution to prevent any issue from occurring again. In many cases, sorting it out properly will require some sort of work in your home.

When you first report damp, mould or condensation to us, our team will assess the type of issue to identify the most appropriate solution and explain to you what work needs to be carried out. We will aim to respond to any reports as quickly as possible. We will also check if there is anyone in your household that could be particularly at risk of the effects of damp and mould, such as elderly people, pregnant women, babies, and young children or those with health conditions. If this is the case, we will visit your home within five working days.

When we visit your home we will check if a mould wash is required and carry this out. In most cases this resolves the issue unless there is a defect with your property. As such, when we carry out our visit, we will also inspect your home to check the root cause of the issue and carry out any repairs.

For the more complicated cases our team of professionally qualified surveyors will visit your home to determine what works need to be carried out. We will contact you six weeks after the work is completed to check that you are happy that the issue has been resolved, and will only close this down when you are satisfied with the outcome.