How do I report a repair?

The easiest way to report a repair is through the My Onward Portal. Here you can tell us about the repair in just a few clicks. Or, you can give us a call on 0300 555 0600 from 8am to 8pm on Monday to Friday, and between 10am to 8pm on Wednesdays. You can also use WhatsApp (07793 795882) or the live chat on our website.

When you contact us to report a repair, please give us:

  • Your tenancy number
  • Details of what needs repairing and as much detail as possible regarding what the issue is and the location of the repair
  • Times when you will be available to let us into your home
  • Details of any support you might need from us, for example special requirements
  • Your current telephone number and email address

 If you can, it also helps if you can take a photo of what needs fixed. Photos should be well lit and taken from different angles.

If you live in a communal scheme and notice something needs fixed in a communal area, for example issues with lighting or Flytipping, please let us know in the same way as you would report a repair in your home.