What we do

We promote effective recycling and waste management systems that work for our customers, especially those living in flats with communal areas and communal bins. We also have a responsibility to remove dumped waste from our properties, the communal areas we own, and help to reduce fly tipping. 

Our role in tackling incidents of fly tipping and improving waste management varies depending on whether the incident: 

  • is a repeat or one off 
  • poses an immediate fire or environmental health risk 
  • relates to an individual property or scheme 
  • impacts a neighbourhood where we manage a significant number of homes 

If fly tipping poses an immediate fire or environmental health risk, it will be removed urgently. 

If we can identify the person responsible for fly tipping, recharges and enforcement action will be taken. If fly tipping occurs within a communal area and we are unable to identify the person responsible, the removal of items will be recharged to all customers living within the building. 

The aim of our approach is to reduce the cost, scale and frequency of fly tipping incidents, improve our waste management and improve customer satisfaction. 

We will work with customers, the local authority and other partners in each of our neighbourhoods to clearly define a collaborative approach to dealing with fly tipping, litter and waste management locally.