What is the 53 week year and how does this change rents?

Every few years there is an extra Monday in the year. 2024 is one of these years. Because weekly rents are charged on a Monday this means there will be 53 weeks rent to pay rather than the usual 52. This means that you will need change your payments to cover the extra week.

To calculate the new figure, you look at how much rent you pay each week, times by 53 and divide by 12. So, for example, if your rent was £80 per week you would use the following calculation:

£80 x 53 ÷ 12 = £353.33

If you pay by standing order you will need to adjust this yourself by getting in touch with your bank. If you pay by direct debit you don’t need to do anything; we will change the payments for you. If you pay weekly there will be no change.