Universal Credit Checklist

Before you apply for Universal Credit, you’ll need to gather some information together. This will help make sure you only have to do the application once, and let you to get Universal Credit as quickly as possible if you’re eligible.

Don’t start your application until you have these details for you and your partner:

▢ your National Insurance number

▢ your postcode

▢ your type of accommodation (for example private rental, council tenancy or housing association tenancy)

▢ how much rent or mortgage you pay each month

▢ your landlord’s address and phone number

▢ your bank, building society, credit union or Post Office card account details

▢ how much you earn from work (such as recent payslips, or accounts or receipts if you’re self-employed)

▢ any income that’s not from work (for example a pension or insurance plan)

▢ any savings or other capital you have (for example shares or property)

▢ how much you pay for childcare (if you want to claim childcare costs)

▢ child benefit reference numbers (you can find these on letters to you about child benefit – they start with ‘CHB’)

▢ details of any other benefits you’re getting