Launching a tenants’ and residents’ association (TRA)

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Join our team of Customer Engagement Specialists as they introduce the benefits of launching a tenants’ and residents’ association (TRA) and explain how you can set one up in your local area. Hosted at a time that suits you, all you need to do is get in touch and tell us when you’re available – we’ll do the rest.

What is a TRA?

A tenants’ and residents’ association brings local people together to form a collective voice. They work together to represent the views of tenants in their area and help make their neighbourhood a better place to live. In particular, their aim is to improve housing and environmental standards in their neighbourhood and improve the sense of community.

Who can set up a TRA?

Most associations are set up by council or housing association tenants. However, any group of three or more people can set up an association. For example, associations can be run by people who rent or own their homes and who:

  • live in the same street, close, housing estate or village
  • live in a tenement building or high rise
  • live in a sheltered housing scheme
  • have the same landlord, for example are council or housing association tenants or rent from the same private landlord.

If a group wants to make sure that its views are listened to by other organisations they must be able to show that they are:

  • responsible and accountable
  • democratic
  • representative of the whole community.
Why set up a TRA?

Some residents’ associations are set up to achieve a specific aim, for example:

  • to raise funding to create a children’s play area or community garden
  • to tackle antisocial behaviour or crime
  • to challenge planned developments in their area.

Other associations may aim more generally to protect the interests of the community and improve standards in the area, for example by:

  • organising social events or additional services for the community
  • representing the views of the group to a landlord or to the council
  • campaigning on issues such as traffic and parking problems or pollution.
How can you get involved?

You may find a list of all registered TRAs in your area via your council’s website. Alternatively, our Customer Engagement Specialists can help you to find one.

If there isn’t a TRA in your area, get in touch with our Customer Engagement Team who will be happy to host an introduction at a time that suits. The introduction will provide you with all the tools and know-how you’ll need to set up your very own TRA!

By the end of the introduction, we hope you will:
  • Develop a clear vision and plan for setting up a TRA
  • Be clear of the roles involved in a TRA and the essential tasks
  • Feel confident to tackle important issues in your area

Need help getting online?

Not to worry, our helpful team are on hand to help get you up and running. Please contact for support and we will help you get online.

Our team of Specialists are friendly and approachable, but more than that, they have loads of experience in hosting events like this. If you are worried about anything, let them know.

Would you prefer to chat to one of our team over the phone? No problem. Email us to arrange an appointment or call us on 0300 555 0600.

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