Website terms of use

Users shall not:

• Visit Internet sites that contain obscene or other objectionable materials. The accessing or downloading of pornographic material is prohibited.
• Make or post indecent, demeaning or disruptive remarks, proposals or materials on the Internet system.
• Copy, share, forward or display any material, whether internal or external, that is obscene or defamatory or which is intended or likely to harass or intimidate another person.
• Disclose any information that is confidential for example other residents or staff personal details.
• Represent personal opinions as those of Onward.
• Upload, download or otherwise transmit software or any copyrighted materials belonging to parties outside Onward.
• Download any software or electronic files without implementing virus protection measures that have been approved by Onward.
• Intentionally interfere with the normal operation of the network, including the propagation of computer viruses and sustained high volume network traffic that substantially hinders others in their use of the network.
• Examine, change or use another person’s files, output, user name or password for which they do not have explicit authorisation.