Reporting Tenancy Fraud


Did you know that around 50,000 homes are unlawfully sublet in the UK? This can result in up to two years in prison and a fine of up to £50,000. If you think you know someone who is committing tenancy fraud please let us know.

Tenancy fraud is a crime and there are different types to be aware of:

  • Unlawful subletting – someone rents out their home without asking their landlord’s permission
  • Housing by deception – someone gets a home by giving false information on their housing application
  • Wrongly claimed succession – where the person living in the property dies and someone takes over the tenancy, which they are not entitled to
  • Key selling – someone pays a resident to pass on their keys for payment
  • Unlawful assignment – a resident stops using their tenancy as their main or principal home, they then let another person to live there without permission from their landlord
  • False Right to Buy/Right to Acquire – a customer or resident makes a Right to Buy or Right to Acquire application and gives false information in their application.

How can I report tenancy fraud?

If you know someone that you think is committing tenancy fraud you can report this by calling 0300 555 0600, or completing the form below. Any reports can be made confidentially.


Report tenancy fraud:


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