Home improvement works in Oldham

This page will be regularly updated with the latest news from the Oldham home improvement works programme.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch by dropping our team an email via warmer@onward.co.uk

Overview of works 

We will be making improvements on your home to improve its energy efficiency, making it easier to heat and able to retain that heat for longer. Through our programme of improvement works, we will be installing a variety of measures. The work will be completed in 2-stages.

The 1st stage will include:

  • Installation of a Positive Input Ventilation system (PIV) inside your loft.
  • Internal doors will be cut back at the bottom, allowing air generated from the new PIV system to be circulated around your home.
  • New extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen.
  • Upgraded loft insulation.
  • New double glazed windows and doors. Please note this will only be on homes that have not had new windows or doors upgraded previously.

The 2nd stage will include:

  • External wall insulation to the rear wall of your home.
  • Internal wall insulation to the front wall of your home.
  • External or Internal wall insulation to the side wall of homes at the end of a terrace. Please note, this is yet to be confirmed and is subject to planning approval from Oldham Council.
  • Any general repairs to damaged brickwork or guttering / downpipes.

The work to each home will vary depending on the type of property. The works will be carried out by our contracting partner Sustainable Building Services (SBS), who are experts in providing new energy saving solutions. We will work closely with SBS to keep you up to date with every stage of the works process, so you know what is happening in your home and when.

Latest news 

Onward Homes names SBS as contractor for retrofit programme in Oldham

Onward has partnered with a local contractor to deliver energy-efficiency measures to 47 homes in Oldham. Working with consultant Michael Dyson Associates Ltd, Onward has appointed Sustainable Building Services (SBS), a contractor that specialises in retrofit and net zero solutions, to deliver the retrofit programme in Oldham. SBS will install new windows and doors, positive input ventilation, loft, and wall insulation to help make your home warmer, quieter, and more comfortable. Read the full story here. 

Have your say and get involved

Several of your neighbours have agreed to stay in touch during the improvement work and let us know how things are going. We will arrange to meet up with them regularly during the programme to help us design any information we send to you and talk about the programme.

If you would like to help us by sharing your views while the work is being carried out, or share some feedback on Onward’s services more generally, we would love you to join our Customer Engagement Community. The Community is a list of customers who we contact regularly, providing them with chances to feedback and updating them on what has changed as a result of that feedback. Membership also gives you free entry into a monthly prize draw to win shopping vouchers.

To be included just tell one of the team you are interested, email customerengagement@onward.co.uk or call us on 0300 555 0600 to register your interest.