Shrub beds and hedges

Our service promise: 

  • Hedges are maintained so that there is no obstruction to footpaths, roads, windows, parking areas and sightlines. 
  • Encroachment growth on shrubs and hedges is pruned as and when required. Due to bird nesting restrictions between March and September, a full and thorough check is made for nests and work will stop if any are found. 
  • Hedge reductions and hard pruning is completed between October and February. 
  • Pruning is carried out in line with best practice for the type of shrub or hedge. In all cases, self-seeded trees, dead, diseased, and damaged material is removed. 
  • All planted areas are kept free of weeds and litter. Weeds in beds and hedge bases are spot sprayed with herbicide. 
  • After pruning all cuttings are removed or mulched to the base of the shrubs. 
  • Shrub beds are edged off as part of programmed winter works for a neat and tidy appearance. 

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