Invasive/non-native weeds

We have a legal obligation to control certain invasive species on land we own and manage. 

Onward Environmental attend sites where invasive species are growing. They treat with herbicide and manage the infestation.  

Japanese Knotweed 

  • All sites are photographed and measured at assessment stage and before each treatment so the spread and vigour of the infestation can be recorded and monitored.  
  • Neighbouring properties and land with Japanese Knotweed present will be notified as landowners have a legal responsibility to treat, control and stop the spread. 
  • All sites will be treated twice a year to control spread. 

Giant Hogweed 

  • Giant Hogweed enquiries will be responded to immediately and if verified will be prioritised for treatment. 
  • All other enquiries about invasive weeds are reported to the management team. 

To report an invasive or non-native weed, please contact us.