Grassed areas

Our service promise: 

  • We make 20 visits per year to attend to grassed areas, 16 from March to October, and four visits from November to February. Some grassed areas, such as meadows, may be cut at different times throughout the year. 
  • During the growing season grass is cut on a twice-monthly cycle. Visits are scheduled and fall into either the first and third week of the month or the second and fourth. 
  • All grass sites are inspected, and litter picked before mowing. 
  • Once grass cutting has started, we finish without delay unless bad weather prevents us from doing so. 
  • We ensure that grass cutting mowers are suitable for the size of area being maintained. 
  • Grass cutting mowers are sharp, properly set, and cut evenly and cleanly. 
  • Obstacles and edges on estate sites are treated with herbicide in spring to reduce strimming visits and maintain tidy edges. 
  • The strimming of edges and obstacles are completed at the same time as grass cutting 
  • We use a cut-and-drop grass cutting method which has plenty of benefits, as the cut grass left behind limits weed growth and provides the soil underneath with essential nutrients whilst helping to lock in moisture during hot and dry weather. 
  • All pathways and hard surfaces are blown clean after mowing is completed. 
  • Leaves are removed from all communal hardstanding areas as part of general grounds maintenance visits. 

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