We are committed to putting customers at the heart of everything we doWe have created a range of opportunities for customers to share their views, work with us to shape new services, challenge us to improve and hold us to account. As well as forums, there are different ways that customers can give us their feedback. 

Meet the Onward Scrutiny Board 

Our tenant Scrutiny Board meet every 3 months to review the performance of the key services that we provide to customers. Skilled in reviewing and analysing data, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to understanding how we are doing and asking the right questions. 

Our approach to tenant scrutiny provides customers with opportunities to keep a check on performance, make recommendations for improvements, and help us to shape future services. 

The Onward Scrutiny Board, which has a membership of up to fifteen, meets quarterly to review performance from right across the business, reporting into Customer Committee on outcomes, recommendations, and actions from scrutiny activities.  

Meet some of our members  


Margaret started Merseyside Partially Sighted and Macular Society in 1993 and is a Trustee on the Board of Bradbury Fields, Liverpool Society for the Blind and Partially Sighted People. Margaret also runs a History Group for blind and partially sighted people, contributes to the Talking Newspaper and visits schools to talk to children about history and her disability and how Nicola her guide dog helps (Nicola gets all the attention!). Margaret lives St Michaels and was a carer for her husband who had Multiple Sclerosis for 32 years.  

Michael J 

Michael has been a tenant in Liverpool for 30 years, during which time he has been a member and actively involved in two housing co-operatives.   Currently a Mental Health Support Worker Michael has also had roles in lecturing, training, and advisory work.  He is interested in making the most effective use of limited resources and ensuring the delivery of quality services to recognised standards. His other interests include, cooking, gardening, reading, political activism and social justice.


Joe has worked for a range of housing providers in Liverpool and London. He specialised in working with ownership co-operatives including the famous Weller Streets Cooperative in Liverpool and has also worked with tenant management co-operatives and as a housing officer in general needs housing Joe lives in a flat in a converted Georgian terrace in the Canning area of Liverpool.  Joe’s interests include cooking, politics, football, and science fiction. He also loves cats!


Edith lives in Salford and thoroughly enjoys her role on the Scrutiny Board and the many opportunities it offersWorking in administration, mainly in property development, Edith re-trained in her 40’s, culminating in running her own clinic in complementary and alternative medicine for over 30 years.  This work led to her involvement in the Regulatory Body for therapies, setting National Occupational Standards, funded by the Department of HealthEdith also volunteers within the NHS as a PPV (Public and Patient Voice).

Michael T 

Michael lives in Handforth, Cheshire, and has been involved in many areas over the years.  Roles have included an Immigration Advisor as well as being a local parish councillor. His previous social housing experience includes being involved in the Free Range Housing Co-operative, and later representing his estate as Vice Chair of the Stock Transfer Steering Group. He has been an involved tenant for many years, and on the Onward Scrutiny Board since August 2018.


Maxine has lived in Timperley, Cheshire for the last 20 years.  Maxine became a member of the Scrutiny Board in 2022 as she enjoys being part of a team of residents who have a voice for all Onward residents.  Working for a Fire & Security company for over 15 years, Maxine brings knowledge of fire safety and subcontractor outsourcing to meetings, this helps to understand things from a business and tenant perspective.


Ira has lived in Clitheroe for 60 years.  Prior to becoming an Onward Tenant, Ira was a Ribble Valley Homes Board member for many years, and the treasurer for the local community centre. When she left her Board position Ira decided to put her skills to use and join the Scrutiny Board.  For 20 years, Ira worked as a checkout supervisor for Booths travelling to work on her pink Italian scooter. On a Saturday Ira loves a flutter on the horses! 


Gareth lives in the Ribble Valley and has been a member of Onward’s Scrutiny Board for just over a year. His background is in the Arts and Education and Local Government. He enjoys campaigning and lobbying on behalf of those who seek a voice and representation where they otherwise may not be heard. His outside interests are writing about the history of politics through time, also museums, old houses, town halls, churches, and art galleries. 

We have recently recruited new members to the Scrutiny Board who are currently being inducted.